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Rules of the Show

The Rules of the Show for the Falstone Border Shepherds’ Show are:

  1. Ewes, Gimmers and Ewe Lambs to be grazed on hill pasture along with exhibitors ordinary hill stock from 10th May.
  2. Ewes to have bred and nursed lambs this season up to 1st July.
  3. Feeding allowed for all male classes.
  4. Should any exhibitor purchase female stock he must have the same twelve months in his possession before being allowed to show. Any incoming tenant or shepherd, who receives sheep as wages at the May term excepted. This does not apply to all male classes.
  5. When there is no competition the prize awarded will be that deemed worthy by the Judges.
  6. Should any competitor show and win prizes contrary to these rules he will forfeit the prize money and likewise be debarred from again showing at this show.
  7. All stock entered from competition to be subject to the Rules of this Show.
  8. All stock to be entered off the farm on which they have been grazed during the specified period referred to in Rule 1.
  9. All exhibits to be in their respective places by 10:45am (Industrial Section) and remain there until 4.30pm. Should any exhibitor wilfully remove any exhibit before the appointed time without written permission from the Secretary, they will forfeit all awards they may be entitled to and likewise be debarred from again competing in this show.
  10. Should any dispute arise among exhibitor or competitors, a written protest accompanied by a deposit of £5.00 must be lodged with the Secretary, within seven days, who will convene a meetings of the Committee either on the day of the Show, or within a month of that date, when the dispute in question shall be settled by the aforesaid Committee, whose decision shall in all cases be final and binding, subject to no appeal in any court of law or otherwise. Should the Committee consider the objections frivolous or vexatious, the deposit will be forfeited.
  11. Entry fees of £10 or over qualify for free admission to the show.

The Committee will not hold itself responsible for any loss or damage, but every care will be taken.

Falstone Border Shepherds' Show
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