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2017 Winners

Also in the Archive for the 2017 Show:

Prize Winners of Cups and Specials 2017

Robert Anderson Memorial Cup – Mr. Stuart Robson

R & F Young Challenge Cup – D. Baxter

J Beattie Challenge Cup – Rhys Loughhead

Challenge Cup, Champion Swale Cross – Nigel Moore

Reserve Champion, Swaledale Cross – Mark Anderson

Best Mule Sheep – Zoe Hall

2nd Best Mule Sheep – Zoe Hall

Best Pair Ewe lambs – John Dixon

Champion Texel Sheep – Thomas Athey

Childs Pet – Layla Bell, /Cumbria – Judy

Challenge Cup, Best Working Sheep Dog or Bitch – John Dixon – Sue

Challenge Cup, Best Border Terrier – J.. MacKenzie – Gem

Reserve – G. MacKenzie – Buster

Special, Best Jack Russell Terrier – D. Little – Tyke

Best Jack Russell or Border Puppy – M. Wanless – Molly

Best Any Variety –– Zoe Hall – Toby

Challenge Cup, Best Hound – North Tyne Hunt – Lyric

Reserve – Border Hunt – Stalker

JW Famelton Memorial Plate, Best Hound Puppy – North Tyne Hunt- Lyric- Debbie O’Neil

Challenge Cup, Sheepdog Trial – Paul Turnbull – Mik

William Goodfellow Memorial Cup Novice – Andrew Murray – Mist

Special for dog with most points from Bellingham District – N/A

Special for most points before 1.00p.m. – N/A

Cup for most points in Flower and Vegetable Section – Robin Banks
Special, Best Vegetable Exhibit – Isobel Wallace
Special, Best Flower Exhibit – Fiona Symons
Peter Dixon Memorial Cup – Kate Elliot
Best Stick in Show- Kate Elliot
Best Novice Stick- Scott Riley

Challenge Cup – Homemade Drinks – Mrs. J. Hogg
Best Exhibit in Drinks Section –Helen Brown
Challenge Cup – Eggs – Gloria Armstrong
Mrs. Macgregor Challenge Cup – Preserves – Isobel Wallace
Hexham Courant Trophy – Isobel Walalce
Best Baking Exhibit – Suzanne Hetherington
Challenge Cup for most points in Industrial – Gloria Armstrong
Challenge Cup, Sewing and Knitting – Mrs. Jane Swaile
Jim Forster Memorial Cup- Best Photograph – Kate Elliot

Challenge Cup, Children’s Work – Luciana Armstrong
Challenge Cup, Children’s Baking – Jessy Armstrong
Joan Forster Trophy, Children’s Baking – Grace Symons
Cookery Book – Michael Bell

Fell Race
Winner – Darren Fishwick (Chorley) 38.46
Runner up – Ross Butler (Keswick) 42.26
Ladies Race Winner – Rebecca Sanderson 44.53
Ladies Runner Up – Nina Cameron (NFR) 49.21
11 Runners

Sheepdog Trial – Paul Turnbull – Mik 86 points
2nd Emma Gray – Jamie – 85
3rd Johnjo Pattinson – Jean – 84
4th Bevis Jordan – Bozo – 83
5th Ewan Irvine – Gypsy – 82
6th Mike Northwood – Floyd 81
Novice Andrew Murray – Mac

C I Accountancy Tug of War
Winners – Emily Symons, Ant Robinson, Martin Banks, John Dixon and Steven Pigg.
Runners up – Kate Vanderhorst, Andrew Banks, Jamie Grimwood, Iain Riddle, Paul Campbell.

Pony Sports:

Jumping – Little –
1st Emma Peart
2nd Izzy Thirlwell

Jumping – Large
1st Sophie Hicks
2nd Alice Peart
3rd Hope Festing
4th Tom Kenny

Jumping X Large
1st Hayden Hicks

Handy Pony – Little
1st Ruby Nixon
2nd Izzy Thirlwell
3rd Emma Peart

Handy Pony – Large
1st Tom Kenny
2nd Hope Festing
3rd Alice Peart
4th Hayden Hicks


Little – Sack
1st Ruby Nixon
2nd Izzy Thirlwell
3rd Hamish Laing
4th Emma Peart

1st Issy Thirlwell
2nd Emma Peart
3rd Douglas Elliot
4th Ruby Nixon

1st Issy Thirlwell
2nd Ruby Nixon
3rd Hamish Laing
4th Emma Peart

Walk Trot Run
1st Izzy Thirlwell

Prize Draw Winners
£100 0442 Betty Charlton
£50 1186 Sam B. Bellingham
£25 2155 Fay Dunn
£20 1351 Claire Little
£15 1202 Jimmy Thompson
£10 0864 Tom Davidson
Wine 1113 Richardson, Yarrow
£25 N’water voucher 0585 Gordon Earsman
£20 ” 2624 Alan Currie
£20 ” 1777 J. Barr

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