Schedule 2022

2022 Classes will be posted as soon as available


Entries Close 29th July 2019

Entry form (download PDF) - Please print off and post to secretary (Mrs G E Armstrong, Bent House, Tarset, Hexham NE48 1LD). Post your entries early. No entry accepted without fee. No late entries accepted. Please make cheques payable to Falstone Border Shepherds’ Show.

          SHEEP Entry 50p   Prizes: 1st £5; 2nd £3; £2
               Class For the Best:      BLACKFACE (OPEN )
Hirsel or packs may be shown in Classes 1,2 and 3
1. Shepherd's & or under 16 Blackface Ewe
2. Shepherd's & or under 16 Blackface Gimmer
3. Shepherds & or under 16 Blackface Ewe Lamb
4. Blackface Ram (aged)
5. Blackface Shearling Ram
6. Blackface Ram Lamb
7. Blackface Ewe
8. Blackface Gimmer
9. Blackface Ewe Lambs
10. Blackface Pair Ewe Lambs
11. Blackface Ewe and Blackface lamb at foot
12. Swaledale Cross Ewe
13. Swaledale Cross Gimmer
14. Swaledale Cross Ewe Lamb
15. Swaledale Cross Male Sheep
16. Best Pair Mule Ewe Lamb
17. Single Mule Ewe Lamb

18 Best Blackface Ewe
19 Best Blackface Gimmer
20 Best Blackface Ewe Lamb
21 Best Blackface Ram (any age)
22 Blackface Ram Lamb
23 Pair Blackface Gimmers
24 Blackface Female Hill Sheep (Best Type Undressed)

25    Best Texel Ewe
26    Best Texel Gimmer                                                                                                                    
27    Best Texel Ewe Lamb
28    Best Texel Shearling
29    Best Texel Ram Lamb

30 Pair of prime lambs - un-horned
31 Pair of prime lambs - horn                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

DOGS Entries 32 to 42 (inclusive) accepted on show field up to 1p.m Entry£1 Prizes 1st £5; 2nd £3; 3rd £2  Class For  the Best  
32    Child's Pet Entry Free    Prizes: 1st£1; 2nd 80p; 3rd 60p; 4th 50p
33 Dog with the Waggiest Tail Prizes: 1st£1; 2nd 80p; 3rd 60p; 4th 50p
34 Dog looks most like it’s owner Prizes: 1st£1; 2nd 80p; 3rd 60p; 4th 50p
34a Any variety Dog or Bitch
35 Hill Working Sheep Dog (Dog)
36 Hill Working Sheep Dog (Bitch)
37 Border Terrier (Dog)
38 Border Terrier (Bitch
39 Jack Russell Terrier (Dog)
40 Jack Russell Terrier (Bitch)
41 Any variety Terrier excluding above
42. Any variety Terrier Puppy (3 - 12 Months)

            FOXHOUNDS      Entry £1 Prizes 1st £6; 2nd £4; 3rd £3
43 Hound Puppy - to be shown by its Walker. Can also be shown in Classes 48 to 49 by
     Hunt. Please enter Walker's Name and Name of Puppy.
44 Group
45 Couples
46 Entered Hound (Dog)
47 Entered Hound (Bitch)
48 Junior Hound (Dog)
49 Junior Hound (Bitch)
49a Veteran foxhound dog or bitch run five seasons or more (not eligible for championship)

                SHEEPDOG TRIAL (OPEN)Entry Fee £2.50
Prizes: 1st, £20; 2nd, £14; 3rd, £10; 4th, £6; 5th, £3; 6th, £2
                UNDER 21 YEARS Entry Fee £2.50  
Prizes 1st, £5; 2nd, £3; 3rt, £2

VEGETABLES, FLOWERS (OPEN) Entry 40p        Prizes: 1st £2; 2nd £1.50; 3rd £1
All Exhibits to be grown by Exhibitors
Class. For the best:
50 Cabbage (any variety)
51 Three Round White Potatoes
52 Three Round Coloured Potatoes
53 Three Kidney White Potatoes
54 Three Kidney Coloured Potatoes
55 Three Round Beetroot
56 Three Shallots
57 Three Onions - grown from sets
58 Three Onions - grown from seeds
59 Six Pods of Peas
60 Six Pods of Broad Beans
61 Head of Lettuce
62 Single Head of Cauliflower
63 Three Carrots
64 Three Tomatoes
65 One Cucumber
66 Collection of Veg - four varieties (2 of each)
67 Vase of Mixed Garden Flowers
68 Collection of Sweet Peas (9 Spikes)
69 Six Pansies
70 Six Calendulas
71 Single Rose
72 Vase of Three Rose Blooms
73 House Window Plant    .
74 House Foliage Plant
75 Three Dahlia Heads
76 Patio Planter
77 Gents Buttonhole
78 Cactus Plant
79 Best Arrangement in a Wine Glass
80 Ladies Spray

STICKS Entry 40p Prizes: 1st £5; 2nd £4; 3rd £3
Class  For the Best:
81. Plain Walking Stick (Natural Handle - One Piece)
82. Plain Walking Stick (Wooden Jointed Head)
83. Plain Walking Stick (Natural Horn Handle )
84. Plain Walking Stick (Buffalo Horn)
85. Dressed Fancy Walking Stick (Horn Handle)
86. Half Head
87. Shepherds Crook (Horn Handle)
88. Ladies Stick
89. Leg Cleek
90. Thumb Stick
91. Fancy Wood Head
92. Novice - Plain Walking Stick. (Wood or Horn Handle.) Not having won a 1st prize before

EGGS     Entry 40p Prizes: 1st £2; 2nd £1.50 3rd £1.                    
 ClassFor the best:
93. Four Dark Brown Hens Eggs
94. Four Light Brown Hens Eggs
95. Four White Hens Eggs                            
96. Four Bantam Eggs
97. Two Dyed Eggs

                      JAMS     Entry 40p     Prizes: 1st £2; 2nd £1.50; 3rd £1
98. Jar Home-made Strawberry Jam
99. Jar Homemade Raspberry Jam
100. Jar Home-made Blackcurrant Jam
101. Jar Home-made Lemon Curd
102. Pot Home-made Jelly, any variety
103. Pot Home-made Marmalade
104. Pot Home-made Chutney, any variety

              SCONES, PASTRIES AND CAKES Entry 40p     Prizes: 1st £2; 2nd £1.50; 3rd £1
105. Four Girdle Scones (Currant)
106. Four Plain Oven Scones (Un-turned)
107. Four Dropped Scones
108. Four Cheese Scones
109. Four Sausage Rolls with Short Pastry
110. Ham and Egg Pie, Short Pastry (to be left in dish or plate)
111. Savoury Flan
112. Savoury Pasty (shortcrust pastry)
113. Four Maids of Honour
114. Lemon Meringue Pie
115. Four Rock buns
116. Tea Loaf
117. Date and Walnut Cake
118. Chocolate Caramel Shortbread
119. Six Truffles
120. Four Pieces of Rocky Road
121. Four Ginger Biscuits
122. Four Fingers Shortbread
123. Jam Sandwich Cake, baked in one tin
124. Fatless Plain Sponge
125. Jam Swiss Roll
126. Chocolate Cake - filled and iced
127. Afternoon Tea – Cup, Saucer, Plate and  Four Items
128. Orange Cake, not iced
129. Rice Cake
130. Carrot Cake
131. Gingerbread
132. Coffee Cake - Iced
133. Fruit Cake Prizes: 1st £3; 2nd £2,3rd £1.50

         HOMEMADE DRINKS  Entry 40p Prizes: 1st £2.; 2nd £1.50; 3rd £1
134. Traditional Lemonade
135. Sloe Gin
136. Flavoured Gin
137. Flavoured Vodka
138. Fruit Liqueur

          KNITTING, SEWING AND CRAFT Entry 40p                Prizes: 1st £2; 2nd £1.50; 3rd £1
Class  For the Best
139. Piece of Needlework
140. Baby's Knitted Garment
141. Knitted Garment
142. Crochet Article
143. Knitted Hat and Scarf
144. Handmade Brooch
145. Handmade Bag
146. Piece of Handwork
147. Pencil Drawing (A4) by exhibitor (max 12”x18” including frame)
148. Handmade Card
149. Prettiest Vase (under 30cms)

AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHY  Entry 40pPrizes 1st £2.; 2nd £1.50; 3rd  £1
Classes 150-157  not to exceed 7x5   Limited to two entries per class
150. One Photograph "Weather"
151. Photograph (views of North Tyne Area)
152. One Photograph (Coloured) (Portrait)
153. One Motion (Plant Life)
154. One Photograph (Animal)
155. One Photograph (Architecture)
156. One Hunting Photograph
157. One Black and White Photograph

CHILDREN'S SECTION (OPEN)     Entry Free Prizes   1st £1; 2nd 80p; 3rd 60p; 4th 40p
All Classes restricted to One Entry per Child 16 years and under on 31st August 2019
Class For the Best:
158   Handwriting - Reception -Old Mother Goose
159. Handwriting – Years 1 & 2 -Tom Tom the Pipers Son
160. Handwriting – Years 3 & 4 – Sing A song of Sixpence (Joined up writing)
161. Piece of Art – Pre-school
162. Piece of Art - Reception
163. Piece of Art – Years 1 & 2
164. Piece of Art – Years 3 & 4
165. Pencil Drawing -13 years and under
166. Decorated Terracotta Pot – Reception - (Dark Skies)
167. Decorated Terracotta Pot– Years 1 & 2 - (Dark Skies)
168. Decorated Terracotta Pot – Years 3 & 4 - (Dark Skies)
169. Decorated T-shirt - 9 years and under
170. Decorated T-shirt - 13 years and under
171. Garden on a Plate (Dinner plate size maximum) – Any Age
172. Fruit or veg creation - Reception
173. Fruit or veg creation – Years 1 & 2
174. Fruit or veg creation – Years 3 & 4
175. Jam Sandwich Cake - 9 years and under
176. Four Rock Buns - 9 years and under
177. Four Cookies - 9 years and under
178. Four Decorated Cup Cakes - 9 years and under
179. Chocolate Cake – 10 – 16 years
180. Four Decorated Cup Cakes -10-16 years
181. Four Rock Buns - 10 - 16 years
182. Four Cookies -10-16 years
183. One Photograph (Taken by child 16 years and under)
184. Collection of 3 Vegetables (1 of each) 16 years and under
SPECIAL NOTICE    Classes should not exceed 65cm x 42cm plus 5cm border.

1. Ewes, Gimmers and Ewe Lambs to be grazed on hill pasture along with exhibitors ordinary hill stock from 10th May.
2. Ewes to have bred and nursed lambs this season up to 1st July.
3. Feeding allowed for all Male classes.
4. Should any exhibitor purchase female stock he must have the same twelve months in his possession before being allowed to show.  Any incoming tenant or shepherd, who receives sheep as wages at the May term excepted.  This does not apply to all male classes.
5. When there is no competition the prize awarded will be that deemed worthy by the Judges.
6. Should any Competitor show and win prizes contrary to these rules he will forfeit the prize money and likewise be debarred from again showing at this show.
7. All stock entered from competition to be subject to the Rules of this Show.
8. All stock to be entered off the farm on which they have been grazed during the specified period referred to in Rule 1.
9. All exhibits to be in their respective places by 10.45a.m (Industrial Section and remain there until 4.30p.m.  Should any exhibitor willfully remove any exhibit before the appointed time without written permission from the Secretary, they will forfeit all awards they may be entitled to and likewise be debarred from again competing in this show.
10. Should any dispute arise among exhibitor or competitors, a written protest accompanied by a deposit of £5.00 must be lodged with the Secretary, within seven days, who will convene a meeting of the Committee either on the day of the Show, or within a month of that date, when the dispute in question shall be settled by the aforesaid Committee, whose decision shall in all cases be final and binding, subject to no appeal in any court of law or otherwise.  Should the Committee consider the objections frivolous or vexatious, the deposit will be forfeited.
11. Entry fees of £10.00 or over qualify for free admission to the show.
The Committee will not hold itself responsible for any loss or damage, but every care will be taken

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