Thank You


To all the -

Sponsors, large and small - you know who your are, we only keep going because of your support.  Especially after last years wash out.

Exhibitors - without your entries in the many and varied classes we would not have a show.  Thank you for making the effort in numerous classes or only one. All of you who donated your produce to the auction help to fund the future of Falstone Show.

The Band - Great to have live music again during the day.

Takahaad - For rounding off the day.

Judges - Without your knowledge and wisdom we would not have any winners, or half the discussions taking place around the sheep pens or the beer tent.

Cup Winners - Well done - you can be very proud that you beat off the competition,  hope you can return next year to defend your title.  

Please remember to return your cups (polished) to a committee member before next years show - or return on the Show Day. 

Spectators -  Thank you for coming, please tell all your friends about us. It's was great to have a mostly dry day this year. We would love to see the same old faces and many more next year.

The Auctioneer & those who donated their produce towards the auction.  Also the buyers on the day, those who placed bids and those who did not.  

Raffle - Congratulations to all the winner.

Helpers - We have (compared to a lot of shows of a similar size) very few committee members - so we rely on the help of you all to put the show together, make it run smoothly and take it down and pack it away.

Committee - Each and everyone has their own area or speciality. Most of us do not appreciate the work that goes on behind the scenes to pull the show together. Well done to everyone who works hard for Falstone Show.

We need you all to come back next year and do it all again !
Hopefully in the sunshine!

Thank you all

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