Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Falstone Show 2016 was a WET one to say the least.

Those who did brave the weather
enjoyed the day according to reports.

The last time the weather was this unkind no one can remember.
In 1985 the Show had to relocate to the dam, due to a spell of wet weather before the show day.

The day was rounded off 'still in the pouring rain'
by the auction of produce and Smoking Gunns.
After the bar and band had been relocated into the industrial tent, as the bar was sinking fast. 
Well done to every one who pitched in to make it possible.

Falstone Show to Glastonbury
in the space of a few very wet hours.

Results and photo's will be added to gallery asap - keep checking.

See you all on Saturday 19th August 2017

and we will try again !!

 Falstone Border Shepherds’ Show
          1885 -2016
             To be held at Falstone in a field loaned by kind permission of
           The Forest Enterprise and Mr & Mrs Colin Anderson

         SATURDAY 20th AUGUST 2016


              Special Class for Hound Puppy Walkers
           Photography -Children's Work

          Sheepdog Trial - Fell Race
          Adult and Children's Sports
             With full supporting programme and other attractions
          GATES OPEN 9.00a.m.
             Sheepdog Trial at 10.00a.m.
             Pony Sports at 11.00a.m.
         Judging to commence at 11a.m. (Stock), 11.00a.m. (Industrial Section)
              12.30p.m. (Dogs)

                Everything to be tabled by 10.45a.m. (Industrial Section)
             Entries are now closed
                Sports & dog show entries taken on field



Saturday 20th August

Teams of 5
Team must include one member of the opposite sex
0ver 18 yrs
£75 1st Prize
Plus challenge cup
£25 2nd Prize

13 – 18 yrs
Team must include one member of the opposite sex
Prize money and challenge cup

Prize Money kindly donated by

C. I. Accountancy

Entries taken on Show Field
Or contact Eileen Little

Falstone Show
If you've never been -
 how do you know what you're missing!

Once again after last years success we will be rounding off the day with 

Auction of produce followed by Smokin' Gunns

Show Day Saturday 22nd August 2015,
was a good day according to posts
 on the facebook page!
 Check out the Winners & Gallery Pages for this year.

Nice new badge Sherly!


Entries are now closed -

The pony sports and other sporting events entries all taken on the show day. Dog section entries are to be before 1pm.

See the confirmed Timetable for this years attractions and times.

These include all the usual sheep, dog, pony sports, industrial classes, craft tent.

This year will see the return of the Ukulele Band.

We also have an attraction called the Gallery of Wonder - if you wonder what this is then you'll have to come and have a look for yourselves.

Kirkley Hall College will be present with their 'little animals'.
Get your team ready for this years obstacle race to follow the Children's sports.
Produce from the industrial tent will be auctioned, so you will have a chance to buy some of the best cake, jam or vegetable for example.
The day will be rounded off by Band Smoking Gunns.
So - I Quote 'get your dancing wellies on'.

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